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Why Donate to Sixteen Rivers Press?

We publish several beautiful books of poetry per year; as one might imagine, these books are expensive to produce. Sample costs for the production of one book:

  • Book design: up to $2000
  • Copy-editing and proofing: up to $500
  • Printing and shipping costs: up to $2500
  • Marketing, advertising, and promotion: up to $1000

Any donation you make goes directly into the making of an actual book in order to offset the costs noted above. To sustain the work of the press, we rely on donations, however small or large, to cover these costs in addition to total sales of our books. We also apply for every grant for which we qualify. However, grants are not always an assured part of our annual budget.

Please know that any donation you are able to send us will help to pay for the design, printing, and shipping of next year’s books. And because we are a nonprofit, any donation above $25 is tax deductible. You can become a loyal supporter of the press by sending in a donation here.

Subscribers who order our new books when our brochure goes out each year in March are given a special subscription rate, which includes shipping, handling, and tax. These orders pay for the printing of the books, which are mailed after their publication date in April. Donors who wish to support the subscription process are invited to become Friends of Sixteen Rivers at the Tributary ($100), Watercourse ($250), or Wellspring ($500) level. They will receive a free subscription and acknowledgment in our next year’s catalog.

You may also choose to order books from our distributor, Small Press Distribution.  To order from the list of Sixteen Rivers titles currently held at SPD, do an advanced search on Publisher” Sixteen Rivers. Our titles are also available online at and

If you have any questions about ordering books from Sixteen Rivers Press, please email us at

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